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The "God Family Country Ministries" is part of a nationwide team effort to bring this country back to the Christian Nation our Founding Fathers
put in motion.  We 
believe one individual 
group cannot do it 
alone and that we 
must bridge the 
denominational gap 
and come together in
unity as the Body of 
Christ. Therefore, we 
have teamed up with 
"Focus on the Family",
"Alliance Defense Fund", "National Right to Life", and "Wallbuilders".  If we join together, we can move mountains.  We want to
encourage Americans of all denominations to join hand in hand and become more proactive in the fight to keep God in our country.  By partnering with the "God Family Country Ministries" as well as the following Affilliate Groups we can win this fight and keep this nation "One Nation under God".

Alliance Defense Fund Become a part of this great group that defends our First Amendment rights as Christians and Americans.

Focus On The Family Team up with this incredible organization founded by 
Charles Dobson that focuses on God, Family, and Country.

National Right To Life If you believe in the sanctity of human life and saving the lives of our unborn children become a part of this group.

Wallbuilders We believe as Christians and Americans we need to educate ourselves on who we are as a nation.  David Barton at Wallbuilders is one of the nations leading experts on our Christian Heritage.   

​​One Nation Under Go​d  Restoration Rallies
featuring Evangelist 
and CCMA Artist
Steven Paul 

Share Your Faith
Learn how to share your 
faith biblically just 
as Jesus and 
the Disciples 
did. Read more

Focus On Your Child
Provides parents with 
age-specific guidance for raising their 
children and a 
host of other 
family resources. Read more 

Drive Thru History
Historical video featuring
Dave Stotts as he 
explores the lives of 
our countries 
founders, their 
commitment to 
God, and their 
faith and values. Read more

With God's help you 
can overcome 
struggles and 
issues in your life.
Battling homosexuality?
Pregnant and scared?
Considering an aboortion?
Addicted to pornography 
and/or promiscuity?  
Had an abortion & need help?
Have an alcohol problem?
Have a gambling addiction? 

"Standing together for the preservation of our Godly Heritage in America"
God Family Country Ministries    
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