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 God Family Country Ministries
  Standing together for the preservation of our Godly Heritage in America
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One Nation Under God Restoration Rallies and Concerts
The purpose of these Rallies is to bring our nation back to God and it all begins with restoration.  We all need to be restored to God through a personal relationship with Him and then restored to one another as a result.  A huge part of the problem we are seeing in America is rooted in tall denominational walls that have been erected and are dividing Churches and Christians as a result.  This division grieves the Father's heart and frankly it's destroying our nation.  In these Rallies, Nashville Promoted Christian Country Music Artist and Evangelist, Steven Paul McCollum, will be addressing these issues by sharing a God ordained message through his music and the spoken word. The goal is to not to just experience a one day feel-good event.  Instead, the torch will be handed over to the people in each community so they can continue this God ordained effort.  Imagine a people so united that they all come together on a regular basis to tackle providing food, shelter and jobs for the homeless, addressing the needs of the widows, helping single parents make ends meet, etc.  The time has come to prove to the world that we truly are "One Nation Under God".  For more information click below: