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"Standing together for the preservation of our Godly Heritage in America"
  Center for God, Family and Country
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The Father's Heart for America:  The "Center for God, Family and Country" is sponsoring and supporting "One Nation Under God Restoration Rallies" and "Steven Paul McCollum" to help save America before it's too late.  Click the Rally link above and "Like" our page so you can remain updated as to all events now and in the future.

Once we find a new location, "Center for God, Family and Country" will once again be hosting Live Gospel and Country Music Shows for the entire family with music from various eras.  
The "Center for God, Family and Country" is a non denominational Christian organization that believes the United States of America was founded on Judeo-Christian Principles and that is the very reason God has blessed us as a nation.  
We believe that if our nation is to remain a blessed nation we must put God first in our individual lives and corporately. We believe Family should come in a strong second where we adhere to traditional family values as spelled out in the Holy Bible.  We also believe we must respect and cling to our God breathed Constitution that America's founders put in motion.  For over 200 years we've been the strongest nation in History because our morality has fallen in line with scripture.  Sadly over the last 50 years our nation has begun to fall away from God right before our very eyes.  But we at "Center for God, Family and Country" believe it's not too late to save America so we are not giving up. If we stand shoulder to shoulder and hand in hand and make a concerted effort we can save America so we remain "One Nation Under God".