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 God Family Country Ministries
  Standing together for the preservation of our Godly Heritage in America
God Family Country Ministries - 7300 West 110th Street, Commerce Plaza 1, Suite 700, Overland Park, Kansas 66210

God Family Country Ministries' mandate is to bring America back to God so we return to the God fearing nation our Founding Father's set in motion. We believe in the simplicity of the Gospel where the focus is not on religion but on a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are seeing a continuous ongoing attack against America and all we stand for with an agenda to remove all references to God and replace good with evil. We are on the brink of losing our status as "One Nation Under God".  So what can you do?  You can join with us and be a part of these "One Nation Under God Rallies and Concerts". These important events are 100% Scripture based with a message that if applied will turn our country around.  If we want to save America, the time is now to join in this concerted effort. By doing so, we will see lives changed, communities and cities united, and once again see our nation return to the "One Nation Under God" that America was predestined to be.
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by city, state by state.

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Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
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Join thousands of others who support and attend various One Nation Under God Rallies and Concerts and believe we must act now to “Save America” before it’s too late.

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